Sitting at the top of Ireland’s singles charts, we got acquainted with Jazzy, talking her takeover season, Ireland's clubbing scene and why studio vibes are so important.

Meet Jazzy: the Irish singer-songwriter bulldozing billboard charts with only a debut single to her name. This time last year, the Dublin-born artist was working at Tesco, occasionally pausing for selfies when locals realised the superstar stocking their shelves. Nowadays she plays to thousands who sing her songs, word for word and jump in unison to the club-ready anthems.  


Before Jazzy soared to number one in Ireland, becoming the first Irish woman in 14 years to do so, the DJ-producer-musician’s life wasn’t so easy. Music provided an outlet where she could escape the difficulties of growing up as a mixed-race girl in a predominantly white community. Joining a local orchestra and playing the violin sowed the seeds of what her career has blossomed into. A teenage infatuation with clubbing followed, as did the drive to DJ in them, and now the fruits of her labour are beginning to show.  

Striking a friendship with DJ duo Belters Only helped Jazzy become the breakout star she is today. A few years ago, she tasted her first dose of mainstream success when their collaboration “Make Me Feel Good” soared to number 1 in Ireland and reached platinum-selling status in the UK. It became an overnight hit and announced Jazzy’s equally imposing and alluring vocal range to the world. Despite the instant triumph, she’s been biding her time, waiting in the wings to release her debut solo single. No one, not even the 26-year-old could have imagined what came next.  


Where do you go after a number one debut single? For Jazzy, it’s a question with a simple answer. The Jamaican-Irish singer is hungry for more success, hungry for more chart-topping singles, and eventually, to produce a debut project with the same trajectory. But before she accumulates more accolades, Jazzy sits down with us to speak about Dublin’s music scene, reaching new heights and why she’ll always keep herself grounded. 

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Taking it right back, what were your experiences of music growing up? Can you remember your early musical infatuations? 

I started to learn music at the age of 10 and quickly became eager for it to be my career. I also studied violin, which introduced me to the classical world.

We read that you fell in love with clubbing and house music as a teenager. Where was good to go out in Ireland growing up and what are some of your fondest memories of that time? 

There were so many amazing places to go out in Dublin a few years ago. Some of my favourites included the Hanger, and District 8. Going to see Kerri Chandler live was definitely one of my fondest memories.

And now, you’ve just played Longitude festival, pulling a massive crowd. How did it feel to play to such a large audience in your home city? 

Honestly, I don’t know how to put it into words. It’s such an amazing feeling hearing everyone sing the lyrics back to you, and so loudly that you can barely hear yourself! I’m so grateful to have everyone’s support; it’s been amazing.

When you made “Giving Me”, did you know that you had a hit on your hands?  

I don’t know if you ever know when something will be a hit. All I know is that I absolutely loved it! So, I guess it’s about going with your gut, which seems to be working for me.

You now have two Irish number one’s under your belt. When working in the studio, what do you listen out for? 

When I’m in the studio, I’m just vibing and hoping to create another Jazzy track, keeping with everything I have done so far.

An act you’ve worked very closely with is Belters Only, how do they bring out the best in you when in the studio and why do you think that you both work so well on tracks? 

The first time I went into the studio with Belters Only, it was such a good vibe! We have worked so well together from the beginning, I’m a big fan of their style and everything they’ve made. They are super talented and I was delighted to be able to work with them. I think we go really well together in the studio and always come out with a banger!

From the underground to the mainstream, Dublin has a thriving electronic music scene. What do you think makes the city so special? 

I’m so proud of everyone on the Dublin scene right now, there’s so many amazing Irish acts killing it and we love to see it. Dublin always gets behind their own and that’s something you don’t always see.

Jazzy rules the world for the day, what’s going down? 

It depends on how much power I have exactly. I’d want to get the biggest group of dogs together that the world has ever seen. And more generally, free flights for everyone who wants to participate and bring their dog to visit me.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

In five years’ time, I’d like to have two albums under my belt, to be working on a third, a European tour, breaking America and just doing my thing!

What’s next for Jazzy? Do you have any music, festivals or gigs coming up that you’d like people to know about? 

I’ve got lots of gigs over the next few weeks and I’m in Ibiza rocks this weekend! You can find all the info on my socials. A new single will be coming out really soon, and an EP is in the works! I’m really excited to share with everyone!

Stream "Giving Me" below:


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