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Featuring in Notion 92 alongside fellow A Million Ways To Make It winners Madi Saskia and Cold, Jianbo reflects on the importance of mentorship for emerging artists and his aspirations for the future.

In Notion 92, we meet Jianbo, Madi Saskia and Cold – this year’s recipients of Paco Rabanne and NTS’ A Million Ways To Make It programme. From financial aid to mentorship schemes, the initiative is personally tailored to support each artist and their aspirations, providing them with much-needed resources to maximise their potential.


Inside the issue, Jianbo, Madi and Cold all reflect on their journeys so far, setting out their vision for the year ahead and how the A Million Ways To Make It programme will help them bring it to life.


Order a physical copy of Notion 92 featuring Jianbo, Madi and Cold here.


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