London model-turned-musician, Jnr Choi, continues his ascent to stardom as he makes his mark on the galaxy with each song.

  • Jacket Linus Leonardsson
  • Trousers Tokyo James
  • Necklaces Sweet Lime Juice and Beads By Wahibs
  • Bracelet Sweet Lime Juice
  • Earring Alighieri
  • Rings Alan Crocetti
  • Shoes GH Bass
  • Coat Maximilian Raynor
  • Socks Swedish Stockings
  • Shoes Toga Virilis
  • Trousers Dashing Tweeds
  • Necklaces Alighieri & Beads By Wahibs
  • Tank top Qasimi
  • Top Qasimi
  • Trousers Jaded
  • Necklaces Sweet Lime Juice
  • Shoes Toga Virilis
  • Jacket, shirt and trousers Maximilian Raynor
  • Necklaces Vitaly and Sweet Lime Juice
  • Ring Alighieri
  • Shoes Grenson
  • Suit Kids Of Broken Future
  • Necklace Sweet Lime Juice
  • Shoes Grenson

Stream Jnr Choi's music below:


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