Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye are the double trouble duo that form Jockstrap’s core.

Having met at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the pair decided to put the school’s facilities to good use to create their unique take on leftfield pop. Think bluesy bedroom sounds, bossa nova, strings (even a 21-piece orchestra) and woozy electronic touches.

Do plays and followers matter?

Taylor Skye: Followers matter, plays matter, but friends matter the most.


Are we alone in the universe?  

Georgia Ellery: No definitely not! As the universe is infinite, the possibility of another life form existing is infinite… duh.


How would you describe your style?

T: Uncooked potato-step.


If your music was a flavour what would it be?

G: It would be yum yum cheesy Tex-Mex.


Do you remember the first song you wrote?

T: No, I made instrumental music quite a lot before writing ‘songs’.


Bedroom or studio recording?

G: Both! But mostly bedroom.


What’s the biggest problem facing the music industry today?

T: Image is more important than the music.

G: Brexit feels pretty ominous.


Have you ever broken the law?

G: Yes, but it wasn’t stealing. Coz I’m not into that.


What’s your earliest musical memory?

T: Playing the snowman on the piano at a family party.


Best advice you’ve been given?

T: Go for a walk.


Go to karaoke song?

T: “Nobody” by Mitski.


Do you own airpods?

T: No.


Where do you go to escape?

T: My own head.


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