LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Bronsen Vidas, brings the chilled vibes with his dynamic release “Killing Time”.

A self-taught musician, Bronsen Vidas’ love for music flourished upon receiving his first bass guitar at the age of eight, leading to his first performance at thirteen. Vidas nurtured this interest by attending 100s of rock, blues R&B and jazz group concerts, and after studying music production at college, found his way on to the scene playing as a jazz guitarist and lounge pianist in Washington DC, New York City, and San Francisco.


Vidas’ musical background enabled him to immerse himself in every element of music production, leading him to create his own distinctive brand of pop and R&B influenced jazz, infused with a laidback Californian beach vibe. Following on from his releases “Chamomile” and “Simple”, which gained him tens of thousands of streams, Vidas returns with his latest release, “Killing Time”, a track encouraging everyone to slow down and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing.


Leading with lively, jazzy piano, layered with Bronsen’s fresh and silky vocals, despite its laidback message, “Killing Time” is far from sonically boring. On the track, Bronsen comments: ‘“Killing Time” is a bright, funky tune I wrote about days when you have nothing to do and how these days are worth treasuring. Hope you enjoy.”

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