Marques brings a taste of old-school NYC to his latest lo-fi visuals for "Kissing Pavements".

Maryland born experimental beat maker and eloquent MC Marques Martin is bringing his freshly radical lyrics to our airwaves this year. With his vivid appearance on the experimental rap scene, Marques has not failed to capture the critically acclaimed attention of some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

Carefully using his artistic musical talent to challenge expectations and boundaries, his new single “Kissing Pavements” utilises his environment as inspiration for his artwork. Marques creates a vivid impression of his day to day life in The Big Apple. A pioneer in advocating that film is not dead, Marques applies an old school, lo-fi touch to his candid style visuals to ‘form a testament to the city hustle and existential nature of contemporary desires’.

Layering his deeply sincere and strongly emotive lyrics over a dark base with a gospel type melancholic beat creates an original sound which channels his political and personal wisdom perfectly. His intelligence in lyricism and genuine innovation with music production allows Marques to stay on top in the experimental rap scene.

Watch the brand new visuals for “Kissing Pavements” below.

"Kissing Pavements" by Marques Martin

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