Bulgarian Cartrader shares a new video for his brand-new single “LAB” from forthcoming album ‘Motor Sounds’.

Daniel Stoyanov is a Sofia-born singer and producer, better known as his solo music project Bulgarian Cartrader (BCT). Crafting an indie sound with hints of electronica, BCT is back with a brand-new single “LAB”, the final single release off his upcoming album ‘Motor Sounds’.


Scheduled for release this November, today BCT has shared a music video alongside his latest single “LAB”. Shot using a vintage filter flickering between a fish-eye lens and into overlapping images, throughout this music video the artist replicates the feeling of longing through sentimental visuals. Praised for his authentic sound, BCT continues to shape his innovative vision through warped synths and delicate vocals across this new release.


Speaking about “LAB”, BCT says: “I wanted to make jealousy sound funky and fun to listen to. I first had this Höfner bassline, it felt heavy and bad ass as hell – and then I heard my flatmate listing to some old soul record and the voice of the singer was so tender and smooth – sounded a bit like pops staples falsetto – so I said to myself – lemme try sing like pops – and boom boom boom there it was”.

Watch the official "LAB" music video below:

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