Bulgarian Cartrader’s latest EP, Soul Is The Price, channels struggle into inspiration.

On the cover art of Bulgarian Catrader’s latest EP is his grandmother. A snapshot of resilience, the photo was taken in the midst of her telling Cartrader a personal story of betrayal and survival. Her eyes, weary yet defiant, are testament to finding serenity beyond life’s turmoil—the very crux of Cartrader’s latest EP, as he embarks on a journey through struggle and self-discovery.


Behind the moniker of Bulgarian Cartrader lies the poetic heart of Daniel Stoyanov. With unabashed pride to fly his Bulgarian roots high on his artistic flag, he has reaped the fruits of his efforts, parading around stages all over the globe. To him, Bulgarian Cartrader is a canvas upon which he paints his emotions and unfurls his memories.


Titled Soul Is The Price, the EP serves up pulsing soundscapes that cusp the fine lines of indie, alt and rock, whilst drawing upon electronic tinges. From the soul-stirring depths of ‘Aunty’ to the nostalgic synths and soulful choirs of ‘Calidona’ each track serves as a chapter in a saga of redemption and inner peace.


At its core, the title track stands as a clarion call—a rallying anthem that probes the balance between the allure of fame and the essence of our true selves. Through a dance between glory and sacrifice, Cartrader transforms life’s darkest moments into harmonies of beauty, as we are served up our daily dose of introspection.

Listen to Soul Is The Price now:

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