A multi-hyphenate creative to say the least, allow yourself to be introduced to the light of BOSCO - an artist whose music wraps you up in all your feelings.

If you’re new to the sonic and visual universe that BOSCO has been creating over the years, then prepare to feel lucky as this enchantress grabs you by the hand with her music that is both releasing and grounding all at the same time.


Living bicoastally between California and Georgia – the DNA of these places can be found embedded within who BOSCO is as a person and what her music can make you feel. Writing from the heart, the mind and the soul – BOSCO’s work within her latest project, ‘Someday This Will All Make Sense’, is transcendent, raw, powerful and strong within its vulnerability.


With an idiosyncratic voice, hypnotic and effortless flow – BOSCO’s lyricism takes you into the heavens with the unique experiences she has faced within her lifetime that find a place within people who listen to her music.


With the world in scary and tumultuous times, BOSCO’s music offers up a safe haven to feel your emotions, to let them come and let them go as her energy embraces you through the airwaves. ‘Someday This Will All Make Sense’ may be BOSCO’s narrative, but her intelligent and honest lyrics are both relatable and empathic.


We caught up with the songstress to chat messages, star signs and the freedom of allowing yourself to have creativity that has no rules below!

Hi Bosco, how have you been doing spiritually and mentally during lockdown?

It’s honestly been a very transformative time in my life especially with everything that’s going on globally. I’m in constant battle internally to not let me mind draft in dark places because of the heaviness of it all. The upside of this is that I’ve realigned my faith in God and really leaning on him for clarity and understanding. Another thing that has been beneficial is gardening and surrounding myself with plants and living things. Putting my hands in the soul is re-grounding and centring for the spirit.

Have you discovered any tips on staying creative and positive throughout all of this?

For complete transparency, not really and that’s ok. My output from the latest project took a lot of me because I was so heavily involved with each aspect I’ve been using this time to refuel myself. When I do feel creative I find myself writing, out in nature, and doing things that really don’t have anything to do with music. I’m more into film at the moment so that’s a new medium that’s really exciting for me to explore.

Has your creative process changed at all?

I allow myself to be open to the process as it’s evolving. I try not to be pigeon-holed to one way of thinking and processing information.

What is your favourite subject to write about currently?

My journey into motherhood and what that process has been for me.

What is the main message you want to get across within your music?

I think my music is more about a feeling and telling my life experiences through unique storytelling. By sharing light my stories can help and uplift people in similar situations.

What is something you want to tell your fans?

I always appreciate their support and my community for sharing my art with the world. It’s amazing to be able to put something out into the world and people reach it.

What is your star sign? Do you think you’re like your star sign?

I’m a Capricorn, Moon in Pisces, and rising in Gemini…

What would the name of your autobiography be?

Some Day This All Will Make Sense.

What are you most looking forward to right now?

I’m looking forward to touring again, being a mom, working on more film/show concepts getting more into the directorial space, travelling, and being close to water.