Lewys Ball is our newest columnist, casting an eye over everything you might’ve missed. This week, it's retro clubbing pics of Kate and Wills, Florence Pugh showing her red-carpet mastery and the return of faux fur hoods.

Iconic Look: Cardi B’s community service looks.

You perhaps wouldn’t associate a pair of Maison Margiela Tabi boots with community service attire, unless perhaps, you are Cardi B. Cardi has been sharing her daily looks for her community service after her 2018 assault charge and I’m obsessed. Joggers and bombers paired with Chanel flap bags, Balenciaga hourglass bags and Tabi boots with a daily message to obey the law. Inspirational.

What To Listen To: “Naive” – Solange, Beyoncé & Da Brat

Found Solange’s debut single again this week, which features Da Brat and older sister Beyoncé, and I’ve had it on repeat. Must stop listening soon before it appears on my Spotify Wrapped.

Who To Follow: @lostinhistorypics

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s clubbing pics, Skins promo shots and Ashton Kutcher as a stripper in the 90s. This account is a key educational piece for all invested in pop culture and should be used as a textbook in schools.

What To Watch: ‘We Said What We Said’

One of my favourite podcasts are back. We Said What We Said with best friends Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion returns for their fourth season on Spotify. The two best friends share their hilarious anecdotes from parties, fashion weeks and holidays, plus have some of the best guests I’ve ever seen a podcast secure (The Clermont Twins episode is a must watch).


@denzeldion thank god I’ve changed my ways because.. 🤪👀🫣 #fyp ♬ original sound - Denzel Dion

Icon: Florence Pugh

After how she reacted to the whole Don’t Worry Darling drama from last year, I didn’t think I could love Florence Pugh anymore. However, her performance at the BAFTAs has proved I could. Gorgeous gowns and arriving back from the after party at 9am is pure early 2000s movie star icon behaviour.

What To Wear: Faux Fur Hoods

Now the UK weather has started to warm up (I’m so sorry everyone if I’ve just jinxed that), I’ve swapped the fur coats out for fur hoods. Currently obsessed with faux fur hoods on bombers, on puffers & especially the contrast on leather jackets, perfect for this period were it will change 10 degrees in temperature within the hour.

Iconic Moment: Sabrina Carpenter’s BBC Live Lounge

Sabrina Carpenter is finally getting her well-deserved break through into commercial success after almost a decade of pop perfect bops. Her song “Nonsense” has seen chart success after it went viral on TikTok due to her changing the outro of the song to something specific for each tour destination. The joke continued to the BBC live lounge where she hilariously joked about how BBC stands for something different in the USA. Needless to say the British public had a sense of humour failure as always and the performance was removed and now uploaded with the inappropriate outro edited out, but traces of the original one still lie on Twitter.

Not So Iconic Moment: Wakey Wines have Dropped a Single

If you have never heard the question “What’s the best shop in Wakefield?” consider yourself lucky. The off-license has gained a huge following on TikTok after selling overpriced Prime energy drinks and asking customers to reveal that the best shop in Wakefield is in fact… Wakey Wines. The next natural career progression is, of course, a questionable rap single which is aptly titled “Come Closer” (their catchphrase).


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