Our columnist Lewys Ball is back, casting an eye over everything you might’ve missed. This week, it's Claudia Schiffer-inspired wedding dresses, Pinkpantheress' NCT link up and a suspiciously timed celebrity scandal.

What To Listen To: “Beggin” – Chris Lake & Alana

The fact that the weather still isn’t good enough for me to hear this on a speaker in my friend’s garden, while sipping on a glass of Barefoot pinot grigio, is a travesty.

Who To Follow On Social Media: Ysabelle Wallace

 Ysabelle’s ‘ourchella’ TikTok vlogs give a refreshingly honest and real-time update from the festival, providing a more realistic and “non-influencer” Coachella experience.


10:38am-12:33 pm TRAFFIC IS ABOUTA SUCK

♬ original sound - ysabelle

Iconic Look: Sofia Richie’s Reception Dress

I’m sick of the “quiet luxury” and “old money” conversation surrounding this wedding, but being able to say all three of your dresses were bespoke Chanel is certainly impressive. My favourites were her haute-couture-inspired rehearsal dress and the Claudia Schiffer–inspired after-party look.

Icon: Georgia Wood

Never in my life have I seen a video which captures British culture so perfectly. The number of times I’ve replayed it is not normal and a day hasn’t gone past where I haven’t said to someone “d’ya speak English?” since.

What To Watch: Hugo Henderson

If you’re obsessed with niche and obscure pop culture references, award show controversies and forgotten celebrity beef, Hugo Henderson will be your new favourite YouTuber. Recapping award shows like MTV VMA’s and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards from the 2000s and early 2010s, you will be hooked on the random celeb crossovers and sign-of-the-time moments.

What To Wear: JW Anderson Dolphin Tank Top

My nomination for the summer’s “it” top goes to this fun JW Anderson graphic tank. The top wouldn’t be out of place in a picture of me at seven years old on a beach in Palma de Mallorca, and that’s exactly why I love it.

Iconic Moment: PinkPantheress meets NCT

One of my favourite things about PinkPantheress is that, as she’s risen in relevance, she hasn’t changed her style or interests. Seeing the Queen meet her favourite K-Pop band NCT made me so happy. She’s perhaps the most successful Twitter-stan to ever exist.

Not So Iconic Moment: Glenn Powell & Sydney Sweeney

There is something too PR-calculated about the Glenn Powell & Sydney Sweeney debacle. As promotion for their new rom-com started, so did a conveniently-timed cheating rumour, flirting in interviews and getting close in BTS shots. Glenn’s (ex-)girlfriend also unfollowed Sydney and threw shade on her story. I’m not buying it. This stinks of a cheap PR tactic to me.


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