Lewys Ball is casting an eye over everything you might've missed this week, from iconic looks to not-so-iconic moments. In this second edition, find a tribute to Claudia Winkleman's fringe, a gripping affair and more.

I’m back with more to-do’s to fill your week with. This week has been busy with cheating scandals, pregnancy announcements and my best dressed list from this year’s Fashion Awards. I also give you an insight into my Spotify Wrapped and Claudia Winkleman’s new show that you need to watch (even if it’s only for Claudia’s fringe, I would give my spleen for Claudia Winkleman’s hair).

What To Watch: Traitors

Whoever at BBC decided to turn a game of heads-down thumbs-up into a televised murder mystery game fronted by Claudia Winkleman deserves a pay rise. The show takes place in a castle in Scotland, with the players completing challenges to add money to the prize pot. However, there are traitors within the players who secretly murder a ‘faithful’ every night. The ‘faithfuls’ need to figure out who the traitors are, before they kill all of the innocent players, otherwise the traitors take home the money. Lots of drama, lots of tears and Claudia Winkleman, a perfect formula for perhaps the best show from 2022.

What To Listen To: “Papi Bones” ft. Shygirl – FKA Twigs

Spotify Wrapped dropped this week and to pay tribute to mine, this was my top song of the year. “Papi Bones” from FKA Twigs’ album ‘Caprisongs’ was my song of the summer, and according to Spotify, my year too. Along with Twigs, finishing off my top artists of the year were Nicki Minaj, Mura Masa and The Weeknd (and also Drake for the fifth year running, you can call me basic it’s okay).

Iconic Look: Simone Ashley at the Fashion Awards 2022

This week saw stars take to the famous red stairs at the 2022 Fashion Awards. Simone Ashley wore a hooded 16arlington purple dress paired with a diamond necklace and wet hair look. She takes my vote for best dressed on the night, with FKA Twigs, Mia Regan and Yasmin Finney being other firm favourites.

Who To Follow on Social Media: Raye

After her 2017 single “Decline” became my soundtrack for my first year at university and an essential track for any pre-drinks in my halls, it has been heartwarming to see the success of her new single “Escapism” over the past few weeks. Last year, Raye departed from her record label due to the lack of freedom in the music she was able to release. Now, as an independent artist, she has just peaked at number six in the most recent charts and is battling pop legends Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey for number one this week. Being able to follow along with her journey on her social media pages has only made me want her to score that number one even more.

@raye My debut album coming 3rd Feb i am so grateful and im so happy #newmusic #fypシ #escapism #m21cb #healingjourney ♬ Escapism. Sped up (Official) - RAYE

What To Wear: Leather Gloves

I have never been one to wear gloves due to the sheer inconvenience of having to take them off every time I need to use my phone (and I have an 11 hour a day screen time). However, this year leather gloves have won me over and I purchased a pair in the hope of looking cool rather than creepy. You can pick them up at market stalls like Portobello Market and Shoreditch Underground Market, or there are hundreds on eBay and Vinted.

Iconic Moment of the Week: Keke Palmer Announces Pregnancy

The people’s princess and provider of some of my favourite memes (see: baby thats Keke Palmer” and “I hate to sound ridiculous I don’t know who this man is”), Keke Palmer announced that is she expecting her first child hosting Saturday Night Live this week. Keke has won everyone over with her hilarious takes and charm, and after being transparent with her battle with PCOS, I couldn’t be happier for her.

Not-So Iconic Moment of the Week: “Good Morning America” Anchors Caught Cheating

Good Morning America anchors Amy Robach and T.J Holmes have been caught having an affair. More details are being exposed on this drama everyday, and for two people I hadn’t heard of a week ago, I am far too invested. While my heart goes out to everyone involved in this scandal, I also need a Netflix drama remake immediately.

Icon of the Week: Red Beret Girl from “Matilda: The Musical”

The film adaptation of Matilda: The Musical was released this week, and social media have found their new obsession in the form of a girl in a red beret. Leading part of the Revolting Children number, if you haven’t seen her yet, just watch her moves during the lines “we’re a little bit naughty”. I haven’t been able to stop doing the arm movement since. Truly “a star was born” moment.

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