July Jones is continuing to set the world alight with her rebellious and empowering new pop anthem "Liar Liar".

London-based boss July Jones is speaking her truth in her latest track “Liar Liar” which evokes the need for realness – in life, but particularly within the music industry.


With an instantly infectious chorus, intelligent hooks and July’s signature vocals, “Liar Liar” is the perfect concoction to start your Friday. However, it’s always refreshing when you find an artist that can make music to forget your troubles too whilst also having a deeper underlying message that can’t help but make you pay attention to it.


It’s common knowledge that the music industry has been plagued with toxicity, but as the times are slowly changing we can’t forget that this still exists. That’s what July Jones is here to do. Leading her own way, Jones is champion for LGBTQ+ rights and you can see the freedom she upholds in her wild and futuristic visual world.


“Liar Liar” marks a new chapter for this exciting pop-queen and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Until then, be prepared to have “Liar Liar” on loop below!