Meet Lil Halima, the new Scandinavian soul on the RnB pop scene painting the most breathtaking colours with her magical sounds and personal musings

Meet Lil Halima, the new Scandinavian soul on the RnB pop scene painting the most breathtaking colours with her magical sounds.


This Norweigan-Kenyan pop beauty finds peace in her art, and is not shy in sharing her abstract thoughts. Layering her laid-back lulling melodies with bouncy other-worldly sounds, Lil Halima is our favourite when it comes down to crafting a distinctive sound, one no other can imitate. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of different natural sources like Norweigan jams, Salsa and American hip-hop Lil Halima has fabricated a personal sound similar to a magical, dreamy bedroom pop flow.


A goddess in making songs for bad lovers whilst fulfilling her personal duty to share it with the world, Lil Halima wants us to enter her dimension by entering a world full of heartbreak and despair in her smooth effortless vocals. Stepping away from the mainstream sounds and crafting purely to her own personal experiences, Lil Halima is an angelic songstress who is sharing something distinctive, pure and genuine with her listeners. Taking her art form to the next level, Lil Halima is not only a sensual voice that can make you feel your purest emotions, she is also a painter and illustrator who beautifully uses her face as a canvas for her personal musings. Using her unique art aesthetic as a cathartic release, Lil Halima has proved she is more than just a voice behind the mic, but a peaceful artist with a hell of a lot to say.


Now signed to Def Jam Records and still soaring off the success of her most recent EP “For the dark days”, which dropped earlier this year, Lil Halima is no doubt set for a very busy Summer. Whether she hits the festivals or not, there’s one thing we can guarantee, she’ll be the name on everyone’s lips before the year is out. Yearning to create with the angelic star herself, we got to gribs with Lil Halima to find out the magic behind her craft…

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What spurred your interest in music?

It has always been a part of my childhood. I would always play music and sing around the house. My parents love music and I learned a lot through them.

Can you tell us a bit what to expect from your upcoming EP?

I think that this new EP is brighter, lighter and its a perfect vibe for summer. Something cute, a little bit different to my previous music I guess. I want people to have a chilled summer day vibing to good music without listening to a vibe that’s just too in your face, so I created a few songs that don’t distract you from the beauty of sounds and life.

What is the theme behind it?

The theme behind this EP is the season of summer, young love and just brighter days. I really wanted it to be something resembling the present moment, something to have peoples minds going. Diving deep into the thoughts of what is your love right now and what’s important to you and different people in terms of love.

Can you cherry pick your favourite track and tell us the backstory?

I really like all of them so this is difficult. But I think my favourite track is “Young Love” just because I instantly think of all of my friends falling in love – especially in summer. Every year your friends have summer crushes and its a huge experience so I just wanted to recreate the feeling of fresh love and that summer restart. Creating a place where nothing matters but raw emotions followed by carefree living. Summer is also the time of mistakes like drinking, smoking and driving too fast so I just wanted to bring that in too and how young love can lead to mistakes – a light bittersweet feeling.

Have you designed the artwork for this EP as well?

I actually did not, we did a photo shoot with some of my friends and its just my face as the cover of the EP. I just don’t want to be too repetitive.

How do you blend art and music?

I guess, art and music just feel so natural for me so it would be unnatural to not put them both together I suppose. But I am so much more than a person just making music, I like to mix up with what I can.

You’re slowly becoming synonymous with your face paintings as well as your music. Was this something intentional?

Yeah because I really realised that IG is just not that deep, Its a place where people prefer to see your face and not your art. It’s very fast consumption, I realised when I posted a painting that too many people just were not interested in seeing it because my face wasn’t in it. So I decided to paint on my face so I’m catching them in a place they wouldn’t expect, it highlights my artwork and me as a musician beautifully. I was so sick and tired of people being fake. A selfie for me is so boring, I don’t see the point of uploading selfies unless there is a point of it, no one really wants to see just a face.

When can we expect your first EP?

Ok so here’s the deal, I actually don’t have any plans for an album. I actually am just making music. I don’t want to feel pressured or tied down when I make music, nothing is perfectly perfected. I will just make an album when I feel ready for that commitment, I just want to create art at my own pace. Ep’s are the perfect thing for me right now, just little short snippets. Making music and art is so natural to me so I don’t want it to become forced.

What else do you have lined up for 2019?

I am so excited to go and play at festivals this summer, I have so many festivals planned. Creating and travelling around Europe to do some shows and hopefully, it all works out

What’s your purpose as a musician?

Just create in general, my purpose is to create but my responsibility is to share.


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