Proceeding to transcend her dreamy ethereal vibes into our airwaves, Scandinavian soul Lil Halima continues to create waves with her new soaring single "Who do u love".

Refusing to step out of the spotlight, Norweigan-pop songstress Lil Halima is always crafting mesmerising tricks up her sleeve. Continuing to make waves, Lil Halima is our goddess in creating songs for all the heartfelt emotions, from down moments to happy moments, as well as songs for bad lovers!

The new mellow single “Who do u love” is due to appear on her upcoming EP “For the brighter days”, releasing on May 24th this year. One for when you’re feeling a little bit blue, the blissful sounds of Lil Halima’s lulling lyricism and her utterly stunning vocals which transcend you to a world of peace. Commenting on the track Lil Halima notes “‘who do u love’ is a song I made to remind myself that I’m blessed in such a way that, even when I’m feeling very down, I can remind myself of who I love. And I think it’s just such a nice question to ask, “Who do you love?” It makes me happy to realize that I have so much love in me, and it makes me feel worthy.” Crafting this EP for the summer lovers and the sun its self, we can’t get enough of these never-ending relaxing vibes and I’m already on my toes yearning for the next release! Perfect for those summer nights filled with love and friendships, this one from Lil Halima is a must-have for your playlist, all summer 19.


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