Experimental artist Giora is back with a new sentimental release “Chrch”, ahead of their upcoming debut album.

Giora is an experimental singer-songwriter and self-taught producer on the rise. Back with a brand-new single “Chrch” follows the artist’s melancholic offering “Tell Me”, and is an emotionally raw release with ethereal production.


With just an EP and two singles under their name, Giora’s innovative vision is quickly proving them to be an exciting new artist in the experimental scene. Configuring a sound that mixes and blends distorted soundscapes with intricate beats, delicate synths and autotune, throughout their work the artist continues to evolve the electronic scene as we know it. “Chrch” is the second track taken from their forthcoming debut album, and is a glimpse of what to expect.


Speaking about the sentimentality behind their brand-new single “Chrch”, Giora says: “I had just moved back home to London from New York and shortly after, my dad died. I had this feeling of emptiness, so much had changed so quickly but I hadn’t felt the impact of those changes. And I was quick to pretend like I was ok with leaving so much behind. Not that the time was wasted; the love was not lost”.

Stream “Chrch” below:


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