Synth-pop artist Giora is back with his wavy new single “Safe in the Dark”, a tribute to his Israeli heritage.

After his two woozy, quirky 2020 debut singles “Where the Flowers Grow” and “Sorry”, Giora is establishing himself on the electronica scene. Starting out writing songs at the tender age of 15, Giora edged towards producing and now is the sole creator of all his own music. The result is that his fluid sound is deeply personal.


In 2021, the London-based artist is back with a new single which sets chirpy and kaleidoscopic synths against fantastical lyrics. “Safe in the Dark” is both the opening track and the name of his new EP, which draws on the fallout after Giora’s own recent experiences of loss.


Giora explains, “I wrote the songs on this EP after going through significant life events – a severe breakup and the loss of my father. In the process of grieving, I began to explore myself in more depth and realized that to deal with the uncertainty and unpredictability that are presented by life, I had to know myself and be grounded and hopeful. In that, I learned to love myself and disrobed myself of the rules and obligations that are imposed on us by society. I wanted to share this feeling with others so we can stay true to our nature above all.”


“It’s about coming to terms with the uncertainty that life presents. I realized that with self-love, hope, and a deep sense of who I am, I am able to overcome the toughest situations and remain grounded, no matter what happens next. It is also the first time I introduced chanting into my production, inspired by my Israeli heritage.”


Giora’s chameleon-like and yet unique, introspective sound means the artist is ready for great things.

Stream "Safe in the Dark" below:


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