Talented composer and producer Mar Omin shares nonchalant single “When I’m Gone”, taken from his forthcoming album ‘Extricate’.

Mar Omin is back with another melodic offering from his forthcoming album ‘Extricate’. “When I’m Gone” is a tranquil release with sonic soundwaves of angelic harmonies and gentle key work.


Dropping his debut EP ‘Seeing Her Naked’ in 2012, the artist has since shared a handful of established singles and projects. Currently working towards the release of his brand-new album, throughout his latest, “When I’m Gone” Mar toys with soulful vocal delivery and experimental production. Flaunting his compelling story-telling skills, “When I’m Gone” is an introspective new release that grabs your attention from the get-go.


Speaking about the single Mar says: ““When I’m Gone” is about releasing my fear of being alone. I often write about leaving the past or people behind and going somewhere new. I guess I really have felt stuck most of my life. I often felt I couldn’t be “me” or explore what being “me” would feel, sound, and look like. That there was no time for it. I had to know who I was, what I wanted etc (maybe this says more about our society as a whole). Therefore I’ve made many decisions I didn’t feel comfortable with. As I express in the song: ‘I have sold myself a thousand times, to a cause that I didn’t believe’.

Stream “When I’m Gone” below:


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