LA based singer-songwriter Elohim unveils her latest single “Little Idiot” from her four-part LP 'Journey to the Centre of Myself.'

LA artist Elohim trained as a classical pianist from the age of five but always sensed that she was different. At piano recitals, while her peers were dressed head to toe in pink frills, Elohim stood out, feeling like an outcast in her baggy jeans and skeleton gloves. While spending hours practicing Bach, Chopin and Debussy, Elohim also grew up listening to classic blues and jazz, as well as rock legends Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and Jimi Hendrix. This varied musical background is what makes Elohim the artist she is today.


Now she returns with her latest track, the catchy “Little Idiot” from her project Journey to the Centre of Myself, Vol.3, a collection of dance-pop hits. What initially began as a single LP has now transmuted into a four-part diary, with each volume navigating different ground relating to Elohim’s inner world.


With the artist labelling the genesis of Elohim as “fight or flight”, what initially started as a project to navigate her anxiety, has bloomed into a successful music career. With over 1.5 million listeners on Spotify and over 300 million combined streams globally, Elohim has also collaborated with the likes of Skrillez, Marshmello and The Glitch Mob.


Elohim’s music is a candid exploration of her struggles with anxiety, panic and disassociation – this frankness is one way in which she has remained so connected with her fans. With a lot more music on the way, we can’t wait to see what this talent does next.

Listen to the track below:


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Elohim is an electro-pop musician with a twist, building a cult following since she first emerged online three years ago her profile is set to expand this year with a headline tour and string of new releases. We caught up with her for this week's Int