Upon waves softly crashing, Nick Leng captures the pain of letting go in his latest track 'Lonely Shade Of Blue'.

South African born, Northern California raised artist Nick Leng is back with a subtle ballad around the tumultuous art of losing a lover and untieing their memory from your soul.


‘Lonely Shade Of Blue’ tackles an experience that most of us having grievingly forced ourselves through – an act that requires strength in your tenderness towards yourself, and the one who still holds such a major part in your life but is no longer apart of it. The piano-led poetic standoff between Nick Leng and his heart sees itself unfold in the melancholic and cinematic visual captured on a 35mm surplus reel gifted by Paul Thomas Anderson.


The encompassing world of ‘Lonely Shade Of Blue’ is transformative through the desolate and inviting ocean, haunting landscape and free movement of Nick Leng. As if plucked from a dream, the emotive and raw track pierces anyone who has had the unpleasant task of forgetting someone you never thought you have to forget.


With Nick Leng’s soft and vulnerable vocals, every stanza that slips off of his lips reels you into the sorrow and necessary act of moving on as if you were the only watcher in his world. Dive into the tale below and let Nick Leng take you by the hand with the premiere of ‘Lonely Shade Of Blue’ below.