Lost Girl tells us about stepping into her R&B bag, touring with Craig David and why 2023 will be her year.

Tired of people making their commitment issues your problem? Lost Girl feels your pain. In the next stage of a journey that’s already seen some huge collaborations, her new single puts an R&B twist on the sentiment that really, ‘it’s not me, it’s you’.


Speaking to Notion in 2020, with only two singles out, Lost Girl was yet to find the huge social media success on social media that lay in her future. Now with over 12 million global streams, TikTok is where the artist has really shone, accumulating over eight million likes on the platform. Speaking on the ‘Black Queer TikTok Panel’ recently, Lost Girl explained that being a role model was ‘the most important thing’ in life for her. It makes sense considering her content creation style is rooted in a commitment to authenticity.


Whether she’s covering songs, dancing, or talking about her experiences as a queer woman, if some of her harder tracks suggest a frosty exterior, Lost Girl’s online presence reveals a softer centre. In a recent TikTok she talks about her vulnerabilities and previous struggles to fit in, hoping her fans can get to know her beyond her music.


Known musically for her infectious hooks on songs with the likes of Hardy Caprio, Ivorian Doll and BackRoad Gee, with new single “Trust Issues” the artist is pivoting from her garage era and embracing a more soulful sound. Tapping into emotions, but with an unapologetic message, Lost Girl is providing the anthem for getting out of toxic relationships.


We chatted to Lost Girl about stepping into her R&B bag, touring with Craig David and why 2023 will be her year.

Hey, how you doing?
I’m really good thank you! Feeling very blessed and grateful to have new music out.
Congrats on the new track – it definitely shows a more vulnerable side to Lost Girl, can you tell us a bit about that?
Thank you so much. Yes it does, and that’s exactly what I was going for. I felt it was time to give listeners an insight into a now much older and wiser version of myself. I wrote “Trust Issues” at 3am one night and as you can tell, I was in my feelings.

It also feels like it marks a shift in your sound in terms of an R&B influence, would you agree?

Definitely, I’m stepping into my R&B bag now. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of artist that can touch any genre and I’ve been working really hard over the past year challenging myself to make new and unique sounding music.
How would you define your current sound in three words?
Transparent, Real, Me.
Your covers of Stormzy and Chris Brown went viral recently where you added your own verses – how do you come up with your reworks? And where does the lyrical inspiration come from?
I originally gained an audience by doing remixes back in 2017, and I just wanted to go back to my roots, while still allowing supporters to hear original writing from me and get to know me a little better as an artist.
Even though you’re early in your career you’ve achieved some massive collaborations – from Hardy Caprio to BackRoad Gee. Have you had any pinch-me moments so far? Or with any of your collabs?
My faves. I’ve definitely had a lot of pinch-me moments but the biggest was going on tour with Craig David, a legend in this game. Performing in 13 arenas across the UK definitely showed me what was possible for my career and I’ll always be thankful to him for allowing me that opportunity.
It seems your content is based around being unapologetically yourself, which has really struck a chord with fans – is this something that’s important to you?
So important to me and something I haven’t always been comfortable with. Finding my audience on TikTok has been a journey. But I found the more myself I am, the more others connect. I guess that’s given me the confidence to live my truth online.
I know you spoke on a panel recently for young creatives wanting to break into the music business, is the idea of paying it forward for people coming-up also important?
Everyone needs advice and support and my journey has been very up and down to say the least, if I hadn’t had certain conversations or been guided by others, I’m not sure where I’d be. So it’s imperative that I try and help young creatives get their foot in the door also.
What’s been your career highlight this year?
My career highlight was definitely Chris Brown and his mum reposting me. To be recognised by the one of the greats, wow. A moment I never expected, but will forever cherish.
And what are you most looking forward to in 2023? Anything on the bucket list?
I am most looking forward to having more new music out. I’m excited to step into the next part of my career with new vibes, new sounds and a new fresh perspective on myself.

Stream "Trust Issues" below:


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