Derby-based rising star Sfven graces us with a new ballad, 'Love Me Easy', recorded from his bathroom because #selfisolation!

There’s a unique air around this Derby-based one to watch Sfven, and if you listen to his live rendition of ‘Love Me Easy’ you’ll find out exactly why.


Taken from his latest EP ‘Like I Love U’, the track is ultimately a love ballad for the ages stripped back to its very bones. The singer/songwriter has been making waves since his hugely successful ‘Flowerbeds’ and Coronavirus isn’t going to slow this new alt-pop prince in the making down.


Speaking on the latest track and the EP, Sfven revealed, “The songs that are on it all have a slightly different vibe but I like that. I didn’t want to make something that was too boxed in” which comes across in his new music which musically gives the space to his unique and emotive vocals.”


Enough from us, dive into the stunning premiere below as new music from Sfven is just around the corner.


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