Singer-songwriter WANYI invites us back into her glistening pop realm with the bittersweet new single "Loved You Once".

On “Loved You Once”, WANYI’s shimmering vocals intertwine perfectly against a nostalgic yet wholly modern R&B melody. It’s the kind of song you can get lost in as you daydream the perfect music video to accompany the music.


The new single sees WANYI experiment with a slightly different tone from her previous glossy pop numbers. Nevertheless, WANYI continues to write from the heart, and “Loved You Once” is another example of her smooth ability to convey emotion into music.


Speaking on the meaning behind the single, WANYI explains: “‘Loved You Once’ is about meeting someone who I used to be close to, and realising that we’ve both grown and drifted apart. Although feelings have changed, I’m still grateful to have met that person. It’s quite nostalgic and bittersweet”.


Inspired by pop icons such as Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande and Zara Larsson, WANYI’s songs tap into some of the most relatable stories created by love and relationships. Let “Loved You Once” sweep you away…

Listen to "Loved You Once" by WANYI below:


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