WANYI shares the third release from her debut album, the soft pop track "Our Escape".

Following the release of her sophomore single “All In”, singer-songwriter WANYI is back with the dreamy pop song “Our Escape”.


With dramatic drums and WANYI’s silky smooth yet powerful vocals, the new track is nothing short of anthemic. It’s a stunning romantic ballad.


To me, this song feels like summer; it’s that ‘romantic getaway’ scene in a movie. You’re with your favourite person, blue skies overhead, wind blowing in your hair”, WANYI says of the track. 


WANYI notes some of her biggest inspirations as pop icons such as Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan and Carly Rae Jepsen, and like her heroes, often draws inspiration from love and relationships.


Growing up in Hong Kong, WANYI started writing songs at just 10 years old. Music has helped her through hard times in the past, enabling her to overcome periods of loneliness, frustration and isolation. However, rather than let these negative experiences consume her, WANYI used the memories of hardship to create candid, heartfelt songs that resonate. “Our Escape” continues in this vein.


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