Greece-born, UK-based singer-songwriter Leroybroughtflowers is honing his sound with Amy Winehouse-influenced 'mad about u'.

Greece-born, UK-based singer-songwriter Leroybroughtflowers is honing his sound: a unique blend of R&B, pop, lo-fi, and hip-hop, drawing inspiration from the classic sounds of past decades while infusing them with a modern twist. Born in 2000, this young talent is set to leave his own mark.


His debut EP, set to release later this year, traverses the hip-hop and R&B spectrum of the ’90s and ’00s. He combines singing and rapping over diverse beats, creating a musical journey that resonates with nostalgia. 


The young musician’s talent continues to shine in his latest single ‘mad about u.’ Here, he strives to elevate his craft, showcasing a versatile vocal range and an ability to seamlessly transition between singing and rapping. The sun-soaked production of the song is rich in quality, creating an atmosphere that’s both hazy and glistening.


Influenced by legends like Amy Winehouse, Leroy channels this inspiration into his own unique brand of R&B. The music lingers, every note making an impact. Geared towards fans of artists like Loyle Carner, Conor Albert, and, of course, Amy Winehouse, Leroybroughtflowers’ ‘mad about u’ is another in his unique repertoire of R&B.


Speaking about the track, Leroy explains, “It’s a soulful journey filled with passion and frustration, expressing the struggle of trying to get what you deserve from a love interest who seems oblivious to your presence. Written and performed by me, it’s an R&B gem in the style of Amy Winehouse.”

Listen to 'mad about u' now:

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