Emerging singer songwriter leroybroughtflowers returns with tranquil new track, “Self Defence”.

Nostalgia comes in floods with leroybroughtflowers’ recent R&B-tinged release, “Self Defence”. The melodic offering’s the first single from his debut EP, which he’ll be releasing later this year. Setting the tone for his upcoming releases, “Self Defence” has a hypnotic sound inspired by his love for ‘90s hip-hop and R&B. 


The track itself laced with an underlying melancholy, the year-2000-born artist delves into the false reality of dreaming of someone out of reach. And, though the dreams may feel happy in the moment, it only turns to sadness and regret when you wake. 


Leroy’s profound take on songwriting shares a similarity with the likes of Loyle Carner and Connor Albert. Comforting in tone, yet bittersweet with his words, “Self Defence” is an introspective release all lo-fi lovers should have on their radar.

Listen to "Self Defence" below

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