Mitch gives Notion an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the making of the music video for "Crossroads" with BackRoad Gee. Dive in!

Birmingham rapper Mitch has teamed up with BackRoad Gee to deliver “Crossroads”, produced by multi-platinum award winner Jackson Romain. The lyrical chemistry between the pair is undeniable, with Mitch’s hard-hitting flow playing off nicely with BackRoad’s intricate wordplay. All the while, the pair bring their own distinct personal styles to the table as they hone in on topics such as road life, drugs and money.


Speaking on the making of the music video, Mitch explains: “Making ‘Crossroads’ with BackRoad was one of the easiest videos I’ve done, everyone that was involved was so helpful and helped me get everything across the line – timing, location everyone was on time and everyone was ready to work. We all loved the song first before any visuals had been put to it so we was all on the same page on video day, BackRoad Gee is a proper real guy and understanding. I enjoyed working with him on this single and hopefully it’s just the beginning of our musical friendship as we both come from similar backgrounds, we both understand what it’s like to be at a point in your life when your at the crossroads trying to do better and change your life and the place you came from is trying to pull you back, so we present to you ‘Crossroads'”.


Mitch takes us behind the scenes of the music video below.

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