Mallrat makes music for the sad Instagram meme generation, and you know what? It's pretty great.

If you want to understand what’s it like to be a teenager in 2018, you should listen to Mallrat. Raised on a diet of dance music and hip-hop, with unfiltered access to the internet, the Australian singer-songwriter, writes about crushes, not wanting to go to parties and summers spent in the pastoral wonderland of the Australian countryside. Her music videos are full of rolling hills and spectacular coasts while Mallrat herself is almost always dressed like she’s wandered out of your Instagram feed, harbouring a penchant for oversized metal-band hoodies and flared trousers.


Premiering on Notion today, her new visual for ‘Groceries’ is a perfect example. Starring Mallrat in an oversized Office Depot jacket dancing on the beach it’s a simple but deeply evocative video, spliced with handheld VHS footage and shot in dreamy soft focus. Combined with the lovesick lyrics of the track and the country-meets-emo-meets-house beat the whole thing becomes a statement for Mallrat’s generation of teens. Watch the video for ‘Groceries’ below.


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