Standing in the crossfire of an intersection between life, death, destruction and harmony - Sui Zhen's 'Matsudo City Life' is the reality we sometimes want to forget.

Melbourne’s Sui Zhen is carving her own path as an artist; cross-examining the impact of technology on human life in all its extremities. Honing in on the digital age, Zhen is holding a mirror up to our cold reflection that replicates the dark reflection of our digital screens with her latest track ‘Matsudo City Life’.


Speaking about the video, Sui said “Matsudo City Life is the gritty cityscape, reality with the cuts and bruises and darkness we too easily forget. The Red Room represents death and decay in contrast to the Perfect Place. It marks the shift between the two places in Japan I spent time writing music. My Sapporo experience being romanticised in memory as spacious, mountainous, peaceful – a meditative daily practice and the Matsudo one feeling stifled, claustrophobic, forgotten in the dilapidated glamour of an old love hotel.”


The release of Sui Zhen’s upcoming LP ‘Losing, Linda’, pairs her signature inquisitiveness with a surreal electronic pop that possesses a dreamlike quality: vivid, uncanny, and upon close examination, revealing of deep emotional and personal truths. A homage to the passing of her mother, Sui Zhen’s upcoming body of work will be a stand-out and follow on from Secretly Susan.


Check out the exclusive premiere of ‘Matsudo City Life’ from the incomparable Sui Zhen below.