The stunning new EP, 'Midnight', from Reece Lemonius sits at the intersection of dusk and dawn, where R&B and soul collide.

The glistening new EP from the enigmatic Reece Lemonius is a heavenly amalgamation of alternative funk, soul and R&B that is embedded with nostalgia and topped off with a modern twist.


With a melancholic thread running throughout, the EP serves as a mirror to the listener – a soundtrack to be alone with and to reflect to. Wrapped up in cinematic glory, the EP fluctuates between 80s woozy synths to Hollywood sadcore anthems.


Lemonius’ tender lyricism is offered up like poetry to the listener as he narrates his experience of love and loss. With an emotive voice that grabs you by the hand, ‘Midnight’ by Reece Lemonius to made to make you feel.


Dive into the shimmering EP below.