The London-based artist Alysha cements herself as more than a one to watch with her sensual and emotive long-awaited EP 'Midnight Rendezvous'.

2019 proved to be quite the year for Alysha, with an addition to the Decaf Official Playlist on Tidal, it seems 2020 is going to be no different for the rising star.


Alysha’s new long-awaited E.P, ‘Midnight Rendezvous’, continues her signature warm and welcoming Lo-Fi R&B soundscape that she has crafted previously. The additions of ‘Boys Hurt You’, ‘Love or Lust’, as well as the newly unveiled title-track ‘Midnight Rendezvous’ show a new and expansive sound that Alysha is successfully growing into. 


With slinky and smooth beats on top of Alysha’s seductive and honeysuckle vocals, it’s like listening to a modern-day Sade. As this new EP proves to be a stepping stone for Alysha, we can’t wait to see where the songstress goes next.


Dig into the beautiful EP below!


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