• Words
  • Photography Candice Mante
  • Director Heini Susanne

Tusks entices us with her haunting vocals and melodic production on her latest single 'Mind', off of her thunderous new album 'Avalanche'.

After battling with paralysing anxiety a few years ago, Emily Underhill, known as Tusks, was diagnosed with a subset of OCD called Harm OCD. Finding strength in vocalising the mountainous journey Tusks is on has resulted in her latest creation, ‘Mind’.


Not only desiring to create a beautiful yet haunting track, ‘Mind’ is aimed at destigmatising the societal stereotype regarding mental health. With a goal of educating whilst taking you on a journey through Tusks’ inner-workings, the artist revealed “The aim of the video was to portray what it’s like living with a type of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) called Harm OCD, which I have struggled with over the past few years and is what Mind was written about. It’s specific intense anxiety caused by thinking you’ve accidentally hurt someone because you weren’t careful enough.”


‘Mind’ is taken from Tusks’ new album ‘Avalanche’ which is out now via One Little Indian. The record is a more than celestial follow up to Tusks’ critically acclaimed debut album ‘Dissolve’. Expect Tusks’ signature cinematic scores with Tusks’ intimate and haunting vocals. 


Watch the gorgeous and insightful video for ‘Mind’ below!