L.A. raised and London based musician Kuma Overdose makes his return with laid-back track “Mintia”.

Growing up in the L.A. suburbs in an Asian-American household, Kuma Overdose faced racial injustices not only as an artist but through life in general. Kuma is someone who wants to push himself beyond the usual stereotypes of Asian artists whilst promoting equality for Asian artists in the western music industry.


Despite these hardships, Kuma’s dual identity upbringing has resulted in the birthplace of his experimentation, leading to the unique style and sound he delivers today. Kuma often blends 80’s Japanese city-pop sound aesthetics with popularised genres such as Hip-Hop and lo-fi.


Returning with his latest track “Mintia”, Kuma expertly combines his empowered attitude, smooth flow and melodic harmonies for another slice of laid-back music. Speaking more on the release, Kuma explained: “I wanted to tell the person who loved me that I am a dangerous, cold-hearted person because that’s how the toxic society raised me.” Adding that, “MINTIA is a mint candy from Japan. It is known for being really minty and cold.”


Kuma Overdose looks to 2021 with positive energy, prime to hit stages with an all-new storming set of soul-stirring songs, with his sights set on the stratosphere.

Listen to "MINTIA" below:

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