Following the release of his dreamy debut EP 'Lofty', London based producer and artist Kuma Overdose releases his groovy new single 'Swiftly'.

Kuma Overdose effortlessly blends Japanese folk music with Western-oriented hip-hop melodies resulting in a sound that is entirely his own and one that is definitely addictive.


Hailing from the suburbs of L.A, Kuma grew up in an American-Asian household and resulted in the birthplace of his experimentation. Kuma’s soundscape is a rich tapestry of juxtaposing references that work in harmony. ‘Swiftly’ is a woozy embodiment of this amalgamation of sounds and is awash with peaceful electronics and rhythmic duality as Kuma’s Lo-Fi vocals tie this tapestry together into a unique identity for the artist.


Speaking on ‘Swiftly’, Kuma revealed, “Swiftly’ is about my misjudged feelings towards a girl who I thought would be ‘the one’. Due to the convenience of modern society, people have shorter attention spans and broader social circles and are less sensitive about their feelings towards others. People demand quantity over quality, so their emotions swiftly come and go as well.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


Dive into the dreamlike and intoxicating new single by this one to watch below!

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