playbody resident artist and producer HEZEN creates us a mix that merges melancholia with evocative beats and experimental club music.

What DJs, artists, club nights, or genres are inspiring you right now?

I’ve included a lot of my favourite producer-DJs in this mix, like AlokaKangding RayMachine Woman, as well as artists I relate to who sit on the fringes of pop, experimental and club music, such as EartheaterEvita Manji and LVRA. In terms of clubs, I’m probably biased but playbody, an experimental club night meeting design, architecture, fashion, music and community in east London, where I’m a resident artist and curator, is pretty special. Our third edition is on May 4th, and the lineup is a dream.

Can you talk us through some of your inspirations for this mix?

I wanted the mix to be both melodic and beat-driven, to reflect the range of music I love, peppered with my own released and unreleased material. It goes all the way from an Arca track to techno, with classical music elements – snippets from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, or a sneak peak of LUXE’s stunning upcoming album. I enjoyed weaving in my own production, vocals, twists and reworks. There are also a couple of references to what’s happening in Gaza, because it’s constantly on my mind and very much underneath anything I’ve been writing these past five months.

Where do you imagine people listening to it?

I don’t know where exactly, but I imagine they’d like it on a day when they’re feeling sad or melancholic. A rainy day at home or a long journey by train.

What’s one song you’ll always come back to in your mixes?

This is only the second mix I’ve ever done in my life, so it’s too early to say. Rather than a particular song, I imagine there will be some recurrent elements. I’m getting a lot of joy in finding space for my Caribbean heritage, combining Martinican folk music within an electronic set. In this one I added the incredible ‘Bidon Machine’ by Eugène Mona, while in my first mix, for Machine Woman’s Rinse FM show, I used his song, ‘Pitié’. I sadly don’t understand Creole, but Mona’s voice and flute always tap into something very deep and raw inside of me.

What should we look out for from you next?

I’ve teased a few tracks in this mix, including some collabs, so there will be a few releases coming. My refix of ‘Vixen’ by the wonderful HASZNAT comes out on March 26th. I’m in the process of finishing an EP, which I’m dying to share. I’m also developing a new live concept in collaboration with playbody, which you’ll be able to experience at the club’s July edition.

Listen to HEZEN's mix now:


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