Superstar DJs in-waiting LUXE and Angel D'lite select us 10Trax inspired by their new wobbly left-field electronic EP, Enchanted.

Angel D’lite

'5am Nostalgia' by Lobec

This record has a very special place in my heart. I'm tearing up writing this, listening to it now. What a tune, it's beautiful, emotional, and hopeful. I could listen to it on repeat, and have done previously. It's rare that I really dig a tune this much. The breaks, pads and vocals… god it’s got me here. Tears on the dancefloor for real, it’s a euphoric heartbreak anthem.

‘Caribbean Blue’ by Enya

Wow, what a beautiful song: gorgeous melodies, harp arps and dreamy vocal chords. I actually wrote ‘Cloud 69’ over a year ago, and I feel like technically I wasn't quite there to achieve the sound I was going for, but we learn and grow and I still feel like it's within the same world somehow.

‘Always Something There To Remind Me’ by Tin Tin Out, Espiritu (Tooley St edit)

I love big euphoric trance breakdowns, synths and melodies.

‘NE1’ by Origin8a & Propa

A cute and soft, hands-in-the-air breakbeat dancefloor destroyer. The bassline and sub-bass in this is unreal.

‘Remixed’ by UF

When making the remix for ‘Dance Enchantress’, I wanted to make something techy, hard housey and a bit stripped back and sexy. I love it and actually, it's my favourite track I've ever worked on.


‘State of Flow’ by Subb-an, Oli Gosh (Adam Pits Remix)

I love this remix so much, I adore playing it out in my sets and love how there’s the merging of trance and UK flavours. It was definitely big inspiration for 'Dance Enchantress' in terms of subtly weaving my different influences.

‘Sky Serpent’ by Mabel

I love Mabel’s deep psychedelic sound. The bassline in this is mad and I love all the weird little rhythmic fx.

‘Astral with Discount’ by Pletnev

I love how deep and driving this arrangement is, it feels so hypnotic.

‘Gateway’ by Jon Jones (sunrise mix)

I’ve listened to this track countless times. The journey is so special, it feels so spiritual and the percs just make me want to dance! It’s the perfect intimate sunrise kind of track where everyone feels the same energy.

‘bull of heavens’ by Fruit

I love how epic this tune is; it’s got such a crazy emotive build, which then dissipates into a relentless groove. Tears on the dancefloor, for real!

Listen to the 'Enchanted' EP below:

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