South London based mystical R&B duo NULA launch us tenderly into their otherworldly universe with the release of their latest divine track 'Møøn Chasing'.

Paving their own path into the future of R&B is NULA, the London duo who are quietly tearing up the rule book of how music should historically be created.


‘Møøn Chasing’ took its form after an astrological change of gears within their personal lives as NULA wanted to free themselves of the shackles created by their corporeal forms. A truly exciting time lies ahead for NULA who find themselves at a crossroads of the past, present and future of their art. With their Midas touch placed upon their futuristic production and contemporary songwriting, who knows where NULA will take off to next? One thing for certain is that it’s somewhere we definitely want to be apart of.


Speaking on ‘Møøn Chasing’, NULA, AKA Nadiah Adu-Gyamfi and Luke Osborne, revealed, “When we were writing, we were both separately losing interest with the realities of the physical world,” Nadiah explains. “The song represents this out-of-this-world feeling and gives a pretty good insight into what you can expect from our next body of work.” The single is the latest since the release of their ‘Iridescent’ EP, released over the summer which garnered out-of-this-world acclaim.


Fate brought NULA together whilst writing for a major label solo project – their music tells of a journey through hardships and frustration into confidence and self-acceptance, set against the relentless London soundscape.


Enter NULA’s universe below with the contemporary and simply gorgeous visual directed by Avely Vain below.