A foray for R&B enthusiasts, Canadian singer/songwriter Ziyaad Luceō makes a return with his latest release, My Bittersweet Duality.

A double album that weaves through life, love, and self-discovery, Ziyaad Luceō‘s latest release boasts 26 tracks, offering a musical journey that spans three years of production. Drawing inspiration from the ancient philosophy of Yin and Yang, Ziyaad Luceō’s latest creation delves into the coexistence of opposites, finding beauty in life’s differences. Luceō displays his evolution as an artist, showcasing his signature soul-infused sound and contemporary beats with confessional lyricism that captures the highs and pitfalls of romance.


The first half of My Bittersweet Duality serves up contemporary, radio-ready R&B with tracks like ‘The One’, ‘Real Smiles’, and the previously highlighted ‘If I Tell You Something’. Collaborating with producer Hussain Ali, Luceō concocts a hit that effortlessly moves between smooth breakdowns and staccato, singable bridges.


As the album progresses, Luceō shifts focus to themes of growth, exemplified in tracks like ‘Be at Peace, Not in Pieces’ and the mellow, pop-tinged ‘Shall We Slow Dance’, the latter introducing acoustic guitar and breathier vocals. The album’s emotional crux arrives with ‘Across the Sea’, a track born from a tumultuous period in Luceō’s life, reflecting on the ebb and flow of life. Produced by Micco, the atmospheric and cinematic sound of ‘Across the Sea’ elevates the track to the focal point of the album.


Reflecting on his work in My Bittersweet Duality, Ziyaad Luceō shares, “As the author of this storyline, I hope these past and future creations assist you through your own personal conquest. I am a mere vessel who shares tales that express our human connection and distinctively represent our mark on this universe.”

Listen to My Bittersweet Duality below now:

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