Toronto breakthrough artist Ziyaad Luceō takes listeners on a melodic voyage of romantic reflections in new EP, ‘Our Time Together’.

Ziyaad Luceō is back and better than ever. While immersing himself in mastering his distinctive soul-infused sound, he has infused his hallmark style within a fresher and modern musical landscape. This rejuvenated soundscape comes to life in his latest EP, ‘Our Time Together’, as the R&B virtuoso weaves tracks brimming with emotion, unwinding a narrative of hope for the future, reminding us that tomorrow is another day.


Unveiling three heartfelt ballads, ‘Our Time Together’ sees Ziyaad resonating with the contemporary sensibilities of today. Peeling back layers of emotive lyricism, he navigates us through his personal reflections of love and romance. His lead single, ‘If I Tell You Something’ features enchanting synths and a hypnotising keyboard melody—a creation born from a collaborative effort with artist and producer Hussain Ali. The infectious beat seamlessly transitions between velvety breakdowns and a catchy staccato pre-chorus.


Speaking on the track, Ziyaad says; “Yet, this is a feeling that still lives,” he shares. “I’ve been trying to create a fluent storyline that the listener can enjoy and see the growth of the character throughout the album. Overall, this project symbolizes a new tomorrow: a reason to be hopeful.”

Listen to ‘Our Time Together’ now:

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