Start your weekend off right and immerse yourself in this enticing disco anthem, 'My Game', taken off her upcoming EP 'Where Does The Devil Hide' by the enigmatic Zella Day.

It’s truly a blessing to watch an artist such as Zella Day grow and mature within her sound and visuals – ‘My Game’, a hypnotic track from Zella is a glorious example of the new chapter Zella is about to embark on within her upcoming EP ‘Where Does The Devil Hide’.


Accompanied with a visual directed by Phillip Lopez, ‘My Game’, sonically and visually, is an encompassing homage to the glory and freedom of the 70s with Zella’s idiosyncratic and haunting voice throwing the track into 2020.


“My Game is feverish time travel into every dimension where the hustle is on the floor,” Zella revealed about the latest track. “It’s a disco game board with a pair of cherry red dice rolling in my favor. I’m climbing up onto the table in my glitter platforms and I’m calling the shots.”


After the previous release of ‘People Are Strangers’, it’s clear Zella is galloping ahead into this divine ner era of her’s that sits at the intersection of nostalgic blues and experimental production. We can’t wait to hear what Zella pulls out of the bag next.


Dive into the stunning premiere below.