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Musica Mexicana star Natanael Cano has been announced as the latest addition to Apple Music’s prestigious Next Up rising talent initiative.

Natanael Cano, aged just 19, is already an established star within the world of Mexican music, with more than 300 million streams on Apple Music alone and a host of successful albums and EPs.


This shouldn’t be surprising given that Cano is the bleeding edge of the emerging corridos tumbaos movement which combines Mexico’s classic corridos folk style with elements of hip-hop and rap. This innovative and imaginative style has also seen Cano catch the eyes and ears of people outside his native Mexico — his 2019 single “Soy El Diablo” was remixed by Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny.


However, Cano is clear that his music remains distinctly Mexican, despite its influences from around the world. “All of my music is different,” Cano told Apple Music in his Next Up film. “I wanted my sound to sound like Mexico, Mexico. This doesn’t sound like Puerto Rico or this doesn’t sound like the U.S. This sounds like Mexico.”


But, with Cano’s burgeoning success and with youth very much on his side, it seems clear to us that he won’t be Mexico’s secret star for long.

natanael cano

If you could summarize it, how would you describe your journey to becoming a musician? What inspired you to take this path?

Spanish: El camino ha sido muy difícil pero siempre eh luchado por mis sueños. Me inspiro Ariel Camacho Cuando lo veía tocar su requinto y cantar corridos me sentía proyectado en él.


English: The road has been very difficult but I have always fought for my dreams. I was inspired by Ariel Camacho. When I saw him play his requinto and sing corridos, I felt projected into him.

When you first started releasing music online, did you have an inkling of how quickly your songs would become smash hits?

S: Mis inicios fueron en Facebook y si me hizo sentir que iba a llegar a donde yo quisiera, pero no tan de repente.


E: My beginnings were on Facebook and it did make me feel like I was going to get where I wanted, but not so suddenly.

You’ve collaborated with global artists such as Bad Bunny and Lil Tecca as well a number of up-and-coming artists. Do you think it’s important for established artists such as yourself to champion the work of emerging musicians and help them come up too through collabs?

S: Siempre veré mi colaboración con Bad Bunny como un momento importante en mi carrera y espero poder ser lo mismo para alguien en el futuro.


E: I will always see my collaboration with Bad Bunny as an important moment in my career and I hope I can be the same for someone in the future.

Which artists are on your dream collab list?

S: Yo creo que serían bastantes artistas Uno de ellos Myke towers.


E: I think there would be quite a few artists, one of them is Myke towers.

You’ve recently released your ‘Trap Tumbado’ project. Did you set out with any specific goals before creating the record?

S: Este disco es bastante importante para mi ya que fueron las primeras canciones oficiales de trap que me toco escribir, mi única meta es que mi música sea del agrado de la gente para seguir haciendo lo que me gusta.


E: This album is very important to me since they were the first official trap songs that I ever wrote, my only goal is that my music is to the liking of people to continue doing what I like.

natanael cano
natanael cano

Since you launched your career two years ago, how have you grown and changed as an artist?

S: Eh evolucionado bastante como persona y como artista, porque mi camino no a sido fácil y después de cada momento difícil recuerdo lo afortunado que soy de estar en donde estoy.


E: I have evolved a lot as a person and as an artist because my path has not been easy, and after every difficult moment I remember how lucky I am.

Which three songs of yours define you as an artist?

S: Para mí sería “Arriba”, “Amor Tumbado”, “Iniciales AL” & “La Codeina”.


E: I’d say it would be “Arriba”, “Amor Tumbado”, “Iniciales AL” & “La Codeina”.

You’ve got a huge following on social media. With so many eyes on you, do you ever feel under pressure about what to post?

S: En ningún momento me siento presionado Siempre subo lo que me nace mostrarle a mis fans.


E: At no point do I feel pressured, I always upload what I genuinely want to show my fans.

In a parallel universe, what would you be if not a musician?

S: En una vida paralela creo que hubiera sido corredor de motocross.


E: In a parallel world I’d probably be a motocross racer.

What can we expect next from Natanael Cano?

S: Esperar mucha música y buena vibra no solo para mis fans ahora, si no para el mundo.


E: Expect a lot of music and always good vibes not only for my fans now, but for the world.

Listen to Natanael Cano's 'Trap Trumbado' album below:

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