"Need Me" is a shining debut from London's East End.

‘Need Me’ is the addictive collaboration between two of the best-kept secrets in the UK Music scene – Lancey Foux and Knucks –  executively produced by the brilliant Celly Pizzaz. No longer secrets, the creative masterminds are showing their talents to the world with ease and grace.


Celly Pizzaz, an outspoken East Londoner at heart, has been quietly assembling his own team of artists and producers for his upcoming project, Street Handsome.


It’s the first collaboration also between Lancey and Knucks, fans of Lancey and Knucks, as well as inquiring minds about Celly will be enthused to hear sultry rapping over the delicious production


‘Need Me’ was originally Celly’s brainchild, and the A&R tapped Foux and Knucks for the song resulting in its slow and punchy tempo that perfectly introduces ‘Street Handsome’. This is just a taster of what is to come.