LOVE SICK craft a brooding club-ready pop anthem on new single 'Fever'.

The best pop songs bang just as hard in the club and they do on the radio. Case and point is LOVE SICK‘s new track ‘Fever’, a thumping new single from the Scottish duo that’s packed with dark bass and hard-hitting drums. Premiering on Notion today, ‘Fever’s lyrics are full of conflict, inspired by an unsuitable attraction that’s impossible to shake. The track is the fourth single from the pair, Julie and Shawn, who first appeared with ‘Bullet’ at the tail end of 2017. Their debut EP Aesop lands on November 14th so expect big things from them very soon.


Speaking about the track LOVE SICK said “‘Fever’ is the feeling of being second best to someone, the twisted realisation that while you know a person isn’t good for you, you can’t stop how you’re attracted to them. I remember we’d been listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, it was a rainy Glasgow day on the way to the studio and we were fixated on finishing this other track. We came up with a super rough idea that started just with the 808 and the line ‘I’ve got a little fever for you’ – we had that one line stuck in our heads for ages so we kept looping around the idea and everything else begun falling into place.”


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