Scottish alt/electronic duo LOVE SICK share their debut EP, 'SICK', accompanied by the music video for track "U R".

Hailing from Glasgow, LOVE SICK is comprised of Julie Knox and Shaun Cannings, a pair of musical mavericks who have been honing their alt/electronic sound since 2017’s debut single, “Bullet” and 2018’s popular “Fever” thrust them into the spotlight. Now, the pair have finally unveiled their long-awaited mixtape, ‘SICK’, which follows their return to music earlier this year.


Pre-released tracks “Run Out of Love” and “Get Wild” turned up the anticipatory dial, and now fans are treated to three new tracks, all completely written and produced by LOVE SICK. The projects is a rollercoaster ride of emotions – capturing the pleasure and pain of love and relationships.


Speaking about the new project, LOVE SICK said, “The mixtape is about the ups and downs of relationships. From euphoric moments to breaking up and making up, going through heaven and hell for someone you love and how love sometimes doesn’t feel like love.”


Accompanying the mixtape is a stunning live visual for new track “U R”, which showcases Knox’s enrapturing vocals and Cannings’ addictive beats. Nowhere is it spelled out more on the record that love is truly ‘SICK’ than in Knox’s lyrics: “We break up, we make up, then we fight, then we fuck. Every night.”


Keep an eye on these two – we don’t doubt they’ll be around for a long while yet.

Watch the music video below:


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