Laces? So last year. Nike’s new GO FlyEase trainer presents the ultimate hands-free solution - just slip on and go.

The next evolution of Nike FlyEase, the new Nike GO FlyEase trainer is built for everyday performance and comfort.


So how does it work? Thanks to a bi-stable hinge, merely slip your foot in to put them on and then exit the shoe by using the opposite foot against the heel.


Working with human intuition, the bi-stable hinge and tensioner band are what keeps the shoe securely open upon entry/exit and closed when in use. Mimicking the action of kicking off your shoe is the kickstand heel, while the underfoot “diving board” holds on to the comfort and stability of which Nike is known for.



Since its debut, FlyEase technologies have begun to be employed into numerous footwear styles across the Nike sphere. So, who knows, your favourite trainer could soon be hands-free too.


Available initially via invite for select Nike members at £104.95 from 15th February 2021, with broader availability planned later this year.


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