Canadian singer-songwriter, Tiberius b, has released the ultimate ballad for those who struggle to accept a love they rightfully deserve with the emotive new track 'No Smoke'.

The balancing act of self-help and self-destruction is one we often face in our hardest moments in life – when we have a decision or choice to make that will surely leave a ripple-effect of consequences. However, this balancing act can also come into play in what should be life’s great moments, like falling in love.


This is exactly what Tiberius b’s new ballad ‘No Smoke’ battles in it’s prolific and vulnerable lyrics and stripped-back nostalgic guitar hooks. A now staple sound of Tiberius b, ‘No Smoke’ is ultimately an act of reflection we all need to face in these moments, with the hope that we choose what’s best for us and not what our hurt makes us believe. The accompanying video features Tiberius b’s friends filming themselves whilst the track plays. Speaking on the idea of the video, Tiberius b revealed “It started out as an idea that drew on my adolescent memories of creating faux music videos on friends’ laptops. There is a beauty in that the song speaks to feeling utterly alone, thus the unification of all my friends echoing the words separately together was healing for me to behold.”


Having toured across North America as one half of the dream-pop duo Mu sharing stages with artists like Billie Eilish and Jenny Hval, ‘Tiberius b’ was born after moving back to London. With much more music on the horizon, let yourself choose the right decision and dig into ‘No Smoke’ below.


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