Tune into this week's freshest musical flavours on our latest Notion Now, featuring Sampha, Charli XCX and Digga D.

"Speed Drive" by Charli XCX

Another single off Barbie’s all-star soundtrack, Charli XCX samples Toni Basil’s “Hey Mickey” for another glitchy pop cut.

"Spirit 2.0" by Sampha

Musical polymath Sampha returns with his first solo material in six years, exploring the power of West African folk music on “Spirit 2.0”.

"Antichrist" by Holly Humberstone

“Am I the antichrist?” questions Holly Humberstone on an attention-grabbing opening line. Ready for a set at Barn on the Farm this weekend, this song comes as part of a double track EP release.

"Little Things X Gypsy Woman - L BEATS MASHUP" by Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith’s “Little Things” gets the ounce-ounce treatment. From Ibiza to Carnival and beyond, expect to hear this one everywhere over the summer.

"vampire" by Olivia Rodrigo

Flipping the female gold-digger stereotype completely on its head, Olivia Rodrigo calls out a “Vampire” ex-boyfriend for leaching off her fame. It’s a powerful comeback cementing herself as a pop mainstay.

"Longevity Flow" by Stormzy

Not that we needed to know, but Stormzy’s reminding everyone of his kingpin status on “LONGEVITY FLOW”. Lewis Hamilton, Tom Cruise and Dave are just a few familiar faces in the video.

"Touching My Body" by Skepta, Jammer, Etta Bond

Continuing their joint venture into the world of house music, Skepta and Jammer have teamed up with veteran vocalist Etta Bond on the uplifting “Touching My Body”.

"I'm From..." by Digga D

Fresh from his Glastonbury debut, Digga D is letting everyone know where he’s from on his new single. A certified Digga masterpiece, the beat and flow show just the level of consistency we’ve seen from the artist in 2023.

"Coffee Shop" by flowerovlove

“Coffee Shop” is giving summery vibes as floweroflove combines funk and R&B into an ambitious pop track.

"St. Charles Square" by Blur

Ahead of their upcoming album ‘The Ballad Of Darren’, Blur have released a swaggering new single, titled “St. Charles Square”. Screaming backing vocals contrast the more monotone delivery of Damon Albarn, while Graham Coxon is in fine form on the guitar.

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