In Notion Now: Week 5, dive into new tunes from Charli XCX & Rina Sawayama, p-rallel, Disclosure, Lola Young, Lava La Rue, Mysie and much more.

"Vest & Boxers" by Lava La Rue

Continuing the West London hype, Lava La Rue has made their comeback with the wryly confessional new track “Vest & Boxers”, an exploration of the difficulties of queer and gender non-confirming dating life. They explain, ““I wrote Vest & Boxers to be deeply relatable of what dating was like for myself and my teen lesbian / nblw friends growing up. I reference all the little moments we joke about - not knowing if you’re on a date or just meeting up as friends, walking into their bedroom for the first time and thinking how good it smells, not coming home for 2 days after the first night together and deciding to just move in. We were all guilty of it!

"Beg For You" by Charli XCX & Rina Sawayama

Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama are two artists who collect massive collabs like they’re Infinity Stones, so it makes perfect sense for them to team up. Their new tune “Beg For You”, taken from Charli XCX’s forthcoming album is a danceable collab sampling some mid-2000s disco sounds.

"Postman" by Toro y Moi

Chillwave maestro Toro y Moi has announced a new album drop for April, and his new single “Postman” is the first taste – a vibrant and playful tune signifying an artist in total control.

"Big Woman" by Miraa May & Stefflon Don

Miraa May is strutting into this new year with confidence, teaming up with Stefflon Don for her badass new track “Big Woman”, a work fuelled by feminine creativity. May says, ““Big bad and brave can’t tell me nothing to be honest I’m a big woman xoxo”.

"joyride" by Mysie

Announcing her new EP set to drop in May, Mysie has released the title track “joyride”, throwing open wide the windows on a cold January to take a mature and thoughtful look at love that didn’t work out. She explains that ““joyride is about holding on and eventually letting go. All the lessons I've learned about myself during the ride never stop”.

"Body Suit" by Foxes

Foxes continues the build-up to her anticipated album drop and tour next month with a tender new track “Body Suit” that’s all about the joy of seeing and really being seen, a potent theme for an album composed entirely in the age of social distancing. Foxes says that ““It’s about letting your guard come down completely, showing your true self and letting go of all pretence and ego – falling into someone and letting them see you entirely without the fear of being judged.”

"So Sorry" by Lola Young

Lola Young is flying high off an endorsement by the BBC and a coveted BRIT nomination, but she’s still willing to get vulnerable about the difficulties she faces – in her own style, of course – on her new track “So Sorry”. Young says that the track “is a song I wrote about my toxic traits in a relationship. I got super vulnerable and honest on this track and I hadn't yet written a song about how difficult I can be when I'm with someone. I feel like a lot of other people are going to be able to relate to the feeling of saying sorry far too much."

"Get Down" by p-rallel (feat. Kasien)

West London producer & DJ p-rallel, a One to Watch for 2022 as picked by Notion, tags in Kasien for “Get Down”, an energetic and genre-fusing tune that keeps the good vibes going in 2022 for this rising star.

"Cold Shoulder" by Central Cee

Central Cee has hit the ground running in 2022. After blowing his fans away with “Retail Therapy”, the West London (hey, again!) artist takes a more personal and introspective approach with “Cold Shoulder”, inviting listeners further into Cee’s inspiring journey.

"You've Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free" by Disclosure & Zedd

Ahead of a huge run of shows that includes Coachella and All Points East, brother act Disclosure continue to load up on new music with “‘You’ve Got to Let Go If You Want To Be Free”, a collab with multihyphenate Zedd. Howard Lawrence explains that “Lyrically this song is my coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety. Sometimes you need to remember where you are instead of holding onto where you want to be. Whether you’re socially anxious, too drunk, or even loving life- I hope that you dance to this song and remember that you’re free!”

"Morning" by Carmody

Carmody is ready for a big year with the release of her debut album in the summer, and “Morning” is another promise of what’s to come from this rising star, a moving exploration of grief and healing that finds its way towards hope with stunning vulnerability. Carmody explains that “"'Morning’ is about grief and the way the world continues even after someone you love has died. It’s also about hope, the idea that although they’re not physically present you can carry them with you in your mind. I wrote the track with Tom Misch, who also produced it and recorded some eerie, but beautiful, high-pitched ooo’s, as well as playing a solo guitar line. Conor Albert made the drum beat and also recorded some wondrous synth lines."

"Who's Asking" by AWA

Notion 90 cover star AWA keeps control of her vulnerability on new track “Who’s Asking”, a poignant expression of the power that comes from self-acceptance. She explains, ““This song represents the stage after a long self-love journey where you’ve discovered what’s important to you in a partner and that your emotional availability is based solely on “who’s asking”, simply not interested to invite anyone into my energetic space unless they are there to grow and elevate with me.”

"Unreplaceable" by KYLE & Craig David

KYLE celebrates the new year with a brand new album drop today, and it’s easy for the eye to be drawn by the blockbuster collaboration with Craig David, “Unreplaceable”, an irresistible chance to join in the fun and vibes of two friends hanging out in the big city.

"DFMU" by Ella Mai

Have a few guesses what “DFMU” might stand for. Whether you get it right or wrong, it’s the title of Ella Mai’s new tune, a relatable cry against the pain of potential heartbreak that signifies a comeback for the Grammy-winning artist.

"Secret" by Raveena (feat. Vince Staples)

Raveena has announced a new album that’s coming in just two weeks, so what better way to commemorate a surprise drop than a surprise collaboration? “Secret” loops in Vince Staples for another slice of sultry, sci-fi infused goodness from this mythical concept album.

"Brutal" by Rainsford

Hybrid popstar Rainsford continues the excitement of her success with her new drop “Brutal”, a rousing collab with Anna of the North. Rainsford says, “I knew I wanted the song to be a duet. So I dm’d Anna Of The North on instagram and sent her the demo. I’ve been such a fan of hers for years! So I was thrilled that she liked it and wanted to be involved. It’s taken about a year to finally put the song out.”

"New Moon" by MØ

MØ’S third album is out today, and leading this new collection of tunes from the Danish star is “New Moon”, an empowering earworm about taking control of your life. MØ says, ““New Moon is a song made to manifest a new era, a song about regaining control. To me, it's a reminder to listen to myself, trust my instincts, and not let external forces blur my vision and get me stuck in a spiral. I hope other people get the same energy from it.”

"Gasoline" by Ralph

If you’re in the mood to get really, really in your feelings, “Gasoline” by Ralph is here for you. This stark expression of the harsh realities of self-sabotage and emotional longing is sadcore at its finest. Ralph says, “This song was a true labour of love!! I wrote it 4 years ago during a songwriting camp deep in the jungles of Nicaragua, during a period where I was also deeeeep in my feelings. I told my writing group “No one should ever love me, cause I’ll burn them down…my love’s like gasoline.” And that was it. I’ve never felt so connected or attached to a song in my life.”

"moshpit" by renforshort

Hit the “moshpit” with this new track from renforshort, a delicate look at a toxic relationship’s brutal emotional fallout. renforshort says, “This song feels very unique in the writing, it’s an interesting analogy especially with the juxtaposition of the track being a bit softer rather than what you’d imagine a song called ‘moshpit’ would sound like. It’s about an annoying relationship where you’re treated like garbage and just keep trying to get out, but you don’t wanna risk hurting the other person’s feelings.”

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