In Notion Now: Week 9, Greentea Peng, Maisie Peters, Josie Man, Baby Queen, Sasha Keable, Rema, Roosevelt, Cautious Clay and more have released new music. Fill your boots!

"Nah It Ain't The Same" by Greentea Peng

South London soul siren, Greentea Peng, charms us once again on the jazzy "Nah It Ain't The Same". Taken off her upcoming 'MAN MADE' album, the artist shared that the song is "an expression and exploration of my utter confusion and inner conflicts amidst shifting paradigms.”

"Marea (We've Lost Dancing)" by Fred again... & The Blessed Madonna

The Blessed Madonna and Fred again... team up for this reflective track that reminisces on the euphoria of dancing with others, and mourns the loss of spaces to do so due to Covid. It's the first time that The Blessed Madonna (aka Marea Stamper) has lent her vocals to a track. Through it all however, there is hope, as Stamper says on the single, "If I can live through this, what comes next will be marvellous".

"Cuts & Bruises" by Josie Man

Josie's voice feels like a big sonic hug, and on her latest sparkling single, "Cuts & Bruises", her sweet-as-candy vocals are as delightful as ever. On it, Josie explores some of life's biggest lessons - love, trust, and patience.

"Bluuwuu" by Digga D

West London rapper Digga D wants the world to know there's no stopping him on new mixtape 'Made In The Pyrex'. After his hits "Woi" and "Chingy (It's Whatever)" made a lot of noise last year, expect newly-released tracks such as "Bluuwuu" to do the same.

"John Hughes Movie" by Maisie Peters

Her first single since October 2020, pop princess Maisie Peters is back with the nostalgic, sing-a-long, soon-to-be-a-hit-single "John Hughes Movie". Speaking on the track, Maisie said she wrote it "when I was 17 about a house party that I had gone to. It’s a really honest depiction of being a hopeless, melodramatic teenager, being awkward and drunk and getting your heart broken by people you don’t even remember anymore".

"Bounce" by Rema

In Rema’s own words, "This record was inspired by the luscious and magnificent body of the African woman". It's the first cut from his debut solo album project, coming soon.

"Chit Chat" by Tranell & Kojo Funds

Rising rapper Tranell links up with Kojo Funds for this feelgood vibe track about not having time for "Chit Chat", as they've got other things to focus on.

"These Drugs" by Baby Queen

One of Notion's Ones to Watch for 2021, Baby Queen is unflinchingly honest on new track "These Drugs", which reveals her battle with self-destruction. “I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to be so uncomfortably honest in these lyrics, but I also knew I had to share this story with people”, she said of the song.

"virtual reality" by renforshort

Star on the rise, renforshort, unpacks anxiety, loneliness, boredom and fear on her new single, "virtual reality", as she sings of her relationship with social media and technology. "I think a lot of people have a very unhealthy relationship with technology because it’s never really been restricted enough to consider mental health and overall health, and that has fucked so many people up, now more than ever”, she shared.

"Exception" by Sasha Keable

Sasha Keable continues to make her mark with the soulful R&B track "Exception". The piano-driven ballad speaks to an ex about giving them another chance if they pledge to change.

"See You Again" by Roosevelt

You can always rely on Roosevelt for a disco-infused dose of synth sunshine. His 10-track album, Polydans, is out now.

"honey bb" by Asi Kemera

Rising Atlanta-based artist, Asi Kemera, shares this angelic, harmonising single, her first release since last year's EP 'Daydream'. Plus, it features a guest appearance from Bay Area rapper and producer, Seiji Oda.

"Come To Me (with Musiq Soulchild)" by James Vickery

James Vickery ticks a goal off his bucket list by collaborating with one of his musical idols on new single "Come To Me". He shared: "I would not be the singer or artist I am today had it not been for Musiq Soulchild. Having him help share my story of my own fleeting and desperate short-lived romance almost feels like a dream. I am honoured beyond words".

"Tender 2" by Tom Aspaul & Funk LeBlanc

Tom Aspaul and Funk LeBlanc re-imagine "Tender" from Aspaul's 'Black Country Disco' album, giving it a new lease of life with a funky new melody.

"Roots" by Cautious Clay

New York singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Cautious Clay, shares new single "Roots". It's "about having an established history with someone and coming to the often difficult realisation that things ultimately won’t last because of elements in the relationship that are toxic", he said.

"Smoke" by Gal Go and Tom Grey

A new project from Ignacio “Gal Go” Salvadores and Tom Grey, "Smoke" is the duo's second single. Mysterious yet captivating, this is one to keep your eyes (and ears) on.

"Daydream" by Cariss Auburn

Wolverhampton's alt-R&B crossover, Cariss Auburn, gives us 80s vibes on her latest track, "Daydream". Cariss hopes her new tune will provide a "3-minute holiday" to help people find joy during difficult times, saying, “Living in such a connected world I feel that we absorb so much trauma and pain daily - especially as a black woman. It’s hard to take a break from that pain without feeling this immense guilt. But we deserve that break!”

"Late Night" by Yizza & J Fado

"Late Night" sees south London MC Yizzy team up Oxford MC J Fado, to mix Trap with Grime for the brooding new banger. Get ready for more music from Yizzy as he plans to drop a track from his upcoming mixtape every two weeks.

"Old Child - Edit" by Keep Dancing Inc

80s synth-led pop bursts out of the seams of "Old Child", the new effort from Keep Dancing Inc, who live up to their moniker with the goods they deliver.

"Something" by Tequisha

Emerging singer-songwriter, Tequisha, feeling “like nothing just to feel something” on this new single. She shares: “I wrote this in a back and forth relationship where I made some choices that went against what I stand for and that I had to make a change".

"Ohio" by Lea Porcelain

Berlin-based alternative rock duo, Lea Porcelain, have shared a taste of their second studio album ‘CHOIRS TO HEAVEN’, in the shape of post-punk single "Ohio". Speaking on the track, the duo said: "The world has become something we don’t seem to understand anymore. Forced to be alone and to keep the distance from most of the people we know and long for. We are isolated on the inside and out, extended every week anew without an end in sight".

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