Australian singer-songwriter Gretta Ray takes out for a day in the life playing Wembley's hallowed stage, as she supports English alt-popper Maisie Peters.

Moments before going on stage for my set! Feeling nervous but insanely excited, getting to perform in an arena in London is such an amazing opportunity, and I’ve been coming to London to write songs for my albums for many years, which made it all the more special.
This is my friend, producer and bandmate Gab! We made my sophomore album, Positive Spin, together, and it’s been so rewarding to get to play our songs all across the UK. Gab plays synth, keys and bass throughout the show. He’s ridiculously talented and I admire him so much.
Taking to the stage! I’m wearing one of my favourite stage outfits ever, from Self-Portrait, which I rented for the night. For the Good Witch tour, I had been alternating between yellow and pink outfits, the colours of my album. Wearing something this sparkly and colourful for the final big show was so fun. Going out with a bang!
Looking out at the incredible, gigantic Wembley crowd, taking in the view and feeling like I was in some sort of dream! The audience was so kind, and so many people were singing along to my songs. I saw so many familiar faces in the crowd, so many fans that I had met earlier on the tour at other shows. I knew instantly that because of their support and warmth, Maisie was about to have the best show of her life.
Channeling pop girly, Positive Spin vibes, and truly having the very best time up on that amazing stage! I will never forget how happy I was throughout the night.
Singing History Of Man with Maisie, Ines, Rachel and Cate was such a highlight. Seeing 12,500 people hold up their phone lights for Maisie was magic. History Of Man is such a powerful, important song, that I sing backing vocals for on the album, so getting to perform it in this way and at this venue is something I will never forget.

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